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You've no doubt landed here as part of a journey. It starts with the quest for knowledge or inspiration and ends generally with a few choice words with our good friend Google. Words like "camera" and "lighting", combined with "how'd they do that ..." and "how can I do that ..." will land you here. Take heart my friends. I can show you "how'd they do that" - and how you can too.

And this is where our paths cross and we begin our journey together. I have trod the path of 'avid photographer' for years. I have searched for hours for 'how to photograph water drops' and marveled at the perfection of other people's beautifully poised single sparkling drop. I have stood for far too long in the cold to capture that one moment of swirling snow when the air appears to sparkle. And I confess with guilt that beautiful wild horses in the Icelandic hills just had to be photographed at the expense of my very patient traveling companions.

We have all been there - somewhere where the distractions of life are left behind and we exist in the moment. Camera in hand, subject just there. And nothing else. Call me obsessed, call me a little crazy, and you might have captured my dedication to documenting that moment.
If you get this - if you've been there - then join me as I follow the path of avid photographer. Let's learn a lot of photo tech, share our inspiration and produce fantastic shots!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photoshoot: Kitchener-Waterloo Olympic Hockey Club-JWPL

Quote from the Kitchener-Waterloo Olympic Hockey Club facebook page: "Great games for JWPL on Sunday...2-0 loss to AC and a 1-0 win with TFHC...for such a "young" team you all played with a great deal of heart and sportsmanship and did yourselves proud!"

You can go directly to my gallery for today's JWPL,  the K-W Hockey Club-House League 2012, and Dragons Den Tournament or check out the Zoom-Foto gallery for more of my images.


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    Have a nice week.

  2. It's not that easy! There are many potential pitfall traps. However, this is in the nature of things! And you can always use professional programs with photo effects.