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You've no doubt landed here as part of a journey. It starts with the quest for knowledge or inspiration and ends generally with a few choice words with our good friend Google. Words like "camera" and "lighting", combined with "how'd they do that ..." and "how can I do that ..." will land you here. Take heart my friends. I can show you "how'd they do that" - and how you can too.

And this is where our paths cross and we begin our journey together. I have trod the path of 'avid photographer' for years. I have searched for hours for 'how to photograph water drops' and marveled at the perfection of other people's beautifully poised single sparkling drop. I have stood for far too long in the cold to capture that one moment of swirling snow when the air appears to sparkle. And I confess with guilt that beautiful wild horses in the Icelandic hills just had to be photographed at the expense of my very patient traveling companions.

We have all been there - somewhere where the distractions of life are left behind and we exist in the moment. Camera in hand, subject just there. And nothing else. Call me obsessed, call me a little crazy, and you might have captured my dedication to documenting that moment.
If you get this - if you've been there - then join me as I follow the path of avid photographer. Let's learn a lot of photo tech, share our inspiration and produce fantastic shots!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Stroke Style: Draw a border around your text

Watch Tutorial:

1 Choose a layer containing text that you wish to add a border to.
2 Click Layer > Layer Style > Stroke...
3 Click Stroke and adjust size.
4 Click OK
6 Alt-Click the stroke style under your selected layer.
6 Drag and drop to other layers you wish to apply this style to.
Note: This is a Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

1 comment:

  1. To get a frame in Photoshop, not necessary to have a great knowledge of programming. Minimal knowledge of Photoshop is enough. it contains some guides for editing